This 2018 to 2023 accessibility plan outlines the policies and actions that RoomRoster will put in place to improve
opportunities for people with disabilities in accordance with the requirements communicated under the Integrated Accessibility Standards, Ontario Regulation 191/11.


RoomRoster believes in equal opportunity and is committed to providing a barrier-free environment that allows all people to maintain
their independence and dignity. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for
Ontarians with Disabilities Act
(2005) and its associated Regulations and strive to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely and effective manner.

General Requirements

Accessibility Requirement Current and Future Barriers Action Plan Compliance Deadline Responsibility Status
Establishment of accessibility policies
  • Currently not placed on our website
  • RoomRoster will eliminate the current barrier by placing the policies on our website
August 2018 Project Manager In progress
Training on IASR and the Human Rights Code
  • No current barriers
  • In the future implementing any new training requirements
  • We currently provide employees all the required training through HR Downloads.
  • Employees are provided with the training on their first day of employment and are given time to complete the training during work hours.
  • Employees are expected to complete this training by the end of the first month of starting their position.
  • We will ensure to provide any new training that is required in the future and all employees will be expected to complete it.
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing

Information and Communications Standard

Accessibility Requirement Current and Future Barriers Action Plan Compliance Deadline Responsibility Status
Feedback Process
  • No current barriers
  • There will be unknown accessibility needs based on individual accommodation plans, and our future barriers will be able to implement them.
  • There is a need to add accessibility options on our website and app for clients to access.
  • Currently we use Threads to provide feedback to our employees, and they are able to access it through their personal account. The same feedback is also given to employees verbally through a one-on-one meeting.
  • Any employee who requests larger print will be provided with that during the one-on-one meeting.
  • Feedback can be enlarged on any employees personal computer if they require it. Every employee also has the option to print in a larger format by changing the scale size under print options.
  • To address future accessibility requirements that come up based on individual needs, we will look into softwares and options for those employees to provide feedback in the manner that is best for them to succeed and meets their needs.
  • RoomRoster will add the option of an accessibility page for clients to be notified of accessible formats and communications supports with respect to the feedback process.
January 2018 Department Manager Completed/Ongoing
Accessible Formats and Communication Supports
  • Currently there are no barriers
  • In the future our barriers will be based on the different requests made through individual accommodation plans and needs that need to be met.
  • Currently, formats and communication supports are in compliance and RoomRoster will provide the necessary formats based on requests.
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Emergency Procedures, Plans or Public Safety Information
  • Currently there are no barriers
  • Future barriers will be to ensure documents are provided based on individual employee requirements
  • Currently we have made all emergency procedures, plans, and public safety information easily accessible to our employees
  • All employees have the capabilities to view documents on their personal computers, which allows the option for enlargement
  • RoomRoster is also willing to print out documents in a larger print based on requests.
  • Other softwares and programs will be used to meet any requests that may be needed in the future.
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Accessible Websites and Web Content
    • Must conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA
  • Currently RoomRoster has conformed to Level A of WCAG 2.0
  • RoomRoster website and software will be in compliance to WCAG 2.0 Level AA, by adding things such as live captions and pre-recorded audio descriptions
January 2021 Chief Technology Office/Human Resources In Progress

Employment Standard

Accessibility Requirement Current and Future Barriers Action Plan Compliance Deadline Responsibility Status
Recruitment, Assessment and Select Processes
  • Currently no barriers
  • When posting job ads, we have ensured to make candidates aware that if they have any accessibility needs, we will provide full support to them, and meet their requests
  • When reaching out to potential candidates we make them aware that if they have any accessibility requests, we will meet them
January 2018 Human Resources & Hiring Manager Completed
Informing Employees of Supports
  • Currently no barriers
  • New policies that are put in place will need to be relayed to employees
  • Employees are provided with all accessibility supports in place through our RoomRoster Policy Manual, which is constantly updated based on employee needs and the IASR Regulations
  • New employees are expected to sign the employee policy manual agreement to indicate they have read through and understand the policies
  • Any employee in need of specific needs based on their individual accommodation plans are informed to speak to their manager and Human Resources to provide them with the support they require
January 2018 Department Manager Ongoing
Accessible Formats and Communication Supports for Employees
  • Currently no barriers
  • RoomRoster will ensure to consult any employee with a disability who requests specific formats and forms of communication that meets their needs, and will provide them with the support
  • Employees are able to ask for any information in an accessible format, currently we can provide employees with enlarged printed documents. Employees are also able to enlarge their personal computer screens to enlarge documents if there are any visual impairments
  • RoomRoster is also able to provide information to employees verbally if necessary, and fits an employees accommodation plan
January 2018 Department Manager & Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Workplace Emergency Response Information
  • Currently no barriers
  • Future barriers will be to meet individualized plans to assist employees with disabilities during an emergency, which are currently uknown
  • Currently employees are provided with a printed plan, which can be provided in larger print to employees
  • Employees can be given the emergency response information verbally through a one-on-one meeting in person with a department manager.
  • Individualized accommodation plans will be created based on employee needs
  • Employees in need of assistance during an emergency will be addressed and provided with someone to assist them in emergency situations.
  • RoomRoster will ensure to review individualized workplace emergency response information with employees on a regular basis
January 2018 Department Manager & Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Documented Individual Accommodation Plans
  • Individual Accommodation plan template is not finalized and placed in our policy manual
  • In the process of creating a template for an individual accommodation plan
  • Once the template is finalized, it will be placed into our policy manual for all employees to have access to it
August 2018 Human Resources In Progress
Return to Work Process
  • Currently RoomRoster needs a finalized return to work process in place
  • In the process of creating a return to work template
  • Once the template is created and finalized, it will be placed into the policy manual
  • Individual return to work plans will be maintained and reviewed annually
August 2018 Department Manager & Human Resources In Progress
Performance Management Process, Career Development and Advancement
  • Currently no barriers
  • In the future, there may be employees who have accessibility needs, and their individual accommodation plans will need to be met
  • Any changes to job duties or job position will need to comply with individual accommodation plans and requests
  • Currently RoomRoster ensures all employees have equal opportunities to assess and improve performance, productivity, and effectiveness, with the goal to facilitate our employees success
  • In the future RoomRoster will ensure that employees with accessibility needs have equal opportunities in succeeding based on their individualized accommodation plans
  • Accommodations will be taken into account when providing performance evaluations and feedback
  • When providing employees with career advancement and development opportunities, RoomRoster will take into account the accessibility needs of an individual with a disability, and their individual accommodation plan.
January 2018 Department Manager Completed/OnGoing
  • Currently no barriers
  • In the future, if RoomRoster eliminates a department, or moves employees to different roles within the organization, there will be a need to address individual accessibility needs
  • Currently all employees that are moved within the organization are aware that they can speak to their department manager about any accessibility needs they may have during a transition
  • In the future, if there is an employee with a disability, RoomRoster will ensure that their accommodation plan is taken into account before transitioning the individual to a new department or role.
January 2018 Department Manager Completed/Ongoing

Design of Public Spaces (Accessibility Standards for the Built Environment)

Accessibility Requirement Current and Future Barriers Action Plan Compliance Deadline Responsibility Status
Make Service Counters,
Queuing Guides and Waiting Areas Accessible
  • Currently no barriers
  • Currently RoomRoster provides a waiting area that is big enough to fit an individual using a mobility aid
  • There is an elevator that is provided for any employees or clients that have any physical disabilities
  • There is an accessibility activation button to open the front doors into the building for any person with a disability that would require it
January 2018 York Developments & RoomRoster Completed
Maintain the Accessible
Parts of your Public Spaces
  • Currently no barriesrs
  • RoomRoster ensures that all walkways within the office are clear
  • All accessible areas are maintained, such as the washrooms, kitchen and waiting areas
January 2018 Health and Safety Committee Completed/Ongoing

Customer Service Standards

Accessibility Requirement Current and Future Barriers Action Plan Compliance Deadline Responsibility Status
Establishment of Policies
  • Currently no barriers
  • RoomRoster consistently develops, implements and maintains policies in regards to provisions of goods, services, or facilities to persons with disabilities
  • Our policy manual indicates our commitment to make every reasonable effort to ensure that the policies, practice, and procedures are consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration and equal opportunity
  • It is important to use that all customers receive the same value and care
  • Our policies indicate that based on needs, documents will be created and made available to anyone requesting them
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Use of Service Animals and Support Persons
  • Currently no barriers
  • Any person with a disability who needs a service animal will be permitted to keep their animal with them when they enter RoomRoster
  • Any person with a disability who needs a support person to accompany them, will be permitted to enter the premises together and will stay together
January 2018 Human Resources & Department Manager Completed/Ongoing
Notice of Temporary Disruptions
  • Preparing a document on temporary disruption of services
  • Placing any service disruptions on our website in the future
  • Currently in the process of creating a document which will address service disruptions
  • Policies at RoomRoster indicates that a notice will be provided if any service disruptions occur which will affect persons with disabilities
  • Service disruptions will include the reason for the disruption, duration, and description of alternative options
  • notices will be made available to the public through our website
August 2018 Department Manager Completed/Ongoing
Training for Staff
  • Currently no barriers
  • RoomRoster provides all employees and volunteers with accessible customer service training
  • Any training is recorded in HR Downloads, and staff is provided with ongoing training
  • A description of the training and specifics of when it will be provided can be found in our policy manual
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Feedback Process
  • Currently no barriers
  • Currently have a feedback process in place for once reservations have been made for clients
  • The public has access to the support email in place, for any enquiries or complaints
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing
Format of Documents
  • Currently no barriers
  • It is unknown what formats may be requested in the future
  • RoomRoster will provide any documents in an accessible format that is requested
  • Requests will be met in a timely manner
January 2018 Human Resources Completed/Ongoing

Review and Update

This document was created on January 7, 2018 and must be reviewed and updated by January 7, 2023.